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SuperPlug Delta 8 & CBN Infused Gummies – Cranberry – 30ct

HOW TO USE: For first time use, if unfamiliar with these cannabinoids, start by eating half a gummy at about

Blueberry Calm Tincture

10DC's Calm Tincture can be used to decompress, relax, or even aid with sleep. The 1700mg blend of Delta 8 and CBN, as well as the soothing flavor of blueberries, work together to provide an optimal and bioavailable cannabinoid product suited to improve your daily life.

SuperPlug 1ML Cannabinoid Blend Cartridge

Superplug cartridges are intentionally blended with Delta 8, CBD, CBG, and CBN for a broad-spectrum effect on the endocannabinoid system. Each cartridge is infused with premium cannabis-derived terpenes sourced locally from Southern Oregon.

SuperPlug CBN Isolate – 1 gram

Isolates can be taken on their own sublingually, under the tongue, or you can mix isolates into your meal plan by easily measuring out your ideal serving.

Superplug Gems & Juice – D8+CBN Diamonds

Gems & Juice is a concentrate of D8 CBN Diamonds with versatile use and benefits to match. Coat your blunt, your flower, or your joint or add it to your banger for a smooth and tasty release.