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About us

Let’s be real – we all know, hemp and Delta-8 THC are the future of ‘feeling good,’ which is part of how Ten Dollar Cartridge, AKA 10DC got started. After meeting with the owners of TKO Reserve, the idea of bringing feel good hemp products with convenience was born. Of course, with a focus on quality, and a desire to source from local areas near & dear to our hearts – like, the eye catching & expansive hemp fields of Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon. 

So what happens when you combine a team of business leaders in-touch with the pulse of the industry, and the highest quality hemp that Oregon can grow? A brand that’s dedicated to the needs of the consumer (quality) with a mind of a wholesaler (affordability). From that foundation, came our bulk direct-to-consumer line of quality hemp goods. Including, delta 8 flower pre-rolls, delta 8 cartridges, delta 8 gummies and delta 8 tinctures.

‘Cause there’s no way, you’ll puff, puff, pass (or eat!) just one…

Our mission is simple – to share affordable hemp prices available to big-time brokers, with those who matter the most. The consumer. Our industry leaders have the experience and connections to manufacture premium goods with precision, and quality – without the top-shelf costs. Plus, our collection is always on trend with the latest product type, flavors and strains.

At 10DC, we’ve been in your shoes before – trying to seek out ‘the best of the best’ in a market that never stops growing. In fact, our 10 DC team is composed of hemp and Delta 8 enthusiasts just like you. That means, we stand behind the products we make and want only the best for our own and our customers’ health and wellness methods.

Delivering the best means testing the best, which we implement in our product fulfillment process, too. Each product selection is made and distributed with customer feedback in mind, including the intention behind the hardware we’ve chosen to hold our products. In addition, to quality CBD and Delta 8 goods, we know we deliver positive results.

We don’t mean to brag…but here are just a few other benefits 10DC strives to deliver its consumers who enjoy the pure benefits of hemp & delta 8 THC effects –

  • Transparency & consistency with third party lab tested products
  • Quality hardware for our cartridges
  • Cost saving bundles of your favorite goods
  • Lightning-fast shipping, with free first class shipping available for orders over $99 in legal states
  • No additional additives, vitamin E, or cutting agents

Join the 10DC fam in celebrating the power of hemp & delta 8 thc benefits. With 10 DC, you’ll diversify your personal CBD and Delta 8 collection with our ever-evolving selection of cart flavors, product types and potent effects at cost-effective prices. Connect with us socially, on Instagram or try one of our 10DC products made with peace, love and affordability, now.