Unflavored D8 Tincture – 1500mg

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10DC’s tincture is a simple and effective way to get your daily dose of Δ8 at 1500mg in each bottle. MCT oil is used as the carrier oil.


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  • This tincture carries no distinct taste and can effectively be dropped under the tongue, added to any ready made food or a drink. Start with half a dropper and increase as needed. Store in a cool, dark place.

Suggested Serving:

  • 1g, half the dropper, is approximately 50mg of Δ8. If using the spray cap, one spritz is approximately 10mg.

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  • MCT Oil, Hemp Extract

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8 reviews for Unflavored D8 Tincture – 1500mg

  1. Benjamin D.

    Good quality stuff and potent. No weird taste, in fact pretty much no taste at all besides the oil texture/feel. A little less then half a dropper(like 40MG) is enough in 20 min’s I can feel the effects. More of a nice body high but, if your also hitting carts or taking dabs………be prepared to get nice and spacy feeling. I got this as part of the 710 box and I still haven’t used 1/4th of the bottle. With Halloween coming up I’m about to experiment with some candy-infusing : ) should be a good time. This stuff is great if you don’t like to vape or smoke D8 as much or at all.

  2. Meg (verified owner)

    Update: this might be my favorite product from 10DC. The pain and anxiety relief is immense. I have that “euphoric” feeling without *any* of the heady high. I took a dose of about 80mg, which I’d usually feel at least a touch but I feel totally sober. Save of course for the lack of anxiety and physical pain. Big big fan.

  3. Meg (verified owner)

    Just used this product for the first time today. My anxiety has been through the ROOF. I put ≈5 drops under my tongue (I’m guessing like 30mg?) Felt all the muscles in my neck, back, and stomach unclench within 30 minutes. In addition, it doesn’t really taste like anything. It’s similar to olive oil (probably the mct). Definitely DEFINITELY worth the price!! Haven’t tried a higher dose yet, but I’ll certainly do so tonight!

  4. ketluvrnat (verified owner)

    good shit

  5. Frank (verified owner)

    Everything you expect from 10DC, plus!! Try it, you will find with the price and effects, its perfect!! Happy flying…..

  6. Christopher (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several tinctures, just about all the ones I’m aware of. I actually prefer 10DCs by far. I need less with 10DC it’s a superior product. I love 10DCs products overall but this is the best product of it’s kind on the market. I can finally afford to treat my leg cramps. This stuff is the best!!!!!

  7. Emory Marshall (verified owner)

    At first I was skeptical, and my first 100mg dose didn’t seem to do much. I tried 200mg next time and my friend tried 250mg. That was waaaaay too much, we were way out there. 150mg seemed almost perfect, it still put me to sleep for 12 hours though. Definitely worth the $18, works just like those $50 gummies you see at every store. Just be careful with the dosage

  8. Dan (verified owner)

    No strong flavor which is good you cannot taste anything except maybe a slight hint of the MCT oil. I got it with the sprayer but honestly the sprayer top isn’t necessary even though it is optional. Doesn’t come out in a mist from the sprayer more like a solid stream. The effects are pretty good, definitely more of a body relaxation and not as heady as 10DC carts, but still a decent alternative to vaping. As a daily user I find I need at least a 100mg dose but for others it may be less. Helps me relax more in combination with carts. Definitely worth a try!

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