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Sour Space Candy Nuggs

(3 customer reviews)


Bred by Oregon CBD, Sour Space Candy is a CBD-dominant cultivar that crosses Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry. The CBD-heavy Sour Tsunami grows strong and has a flavor profile similar to GG4 and Sour Diesel, while the Early Resin Berry brings even more sour flavors to the mix. Dense buds are multicolored, showing purple, orange, and green hues. With Sour Space Candy’s enticing terpene profile, this might be your new favorite CBD strain.


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Supplied By Hidden Valley Farms Located in the beautiful Applegate Valley.




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Weight 1.2 lbs

3 reviews for Sour Space Candy Nuggs

  1. AaronS (verified owner)

    What an amazing deal - single best CBD flower purchase ive made, im set for life! Well, a couple months at least 😉 dont think the quality is lacking because of the price - frosty nugs good size good trim, excellent and strong aroma. Does have a stray seed here or there but few and far between - glad to have them or will be this coming spring 🙂 Dont hesitate to purchase, you'll probably kick yourself if you dont.

  2. R3SINBERG (verified owner)

    OutSTANding quality for the price, please leave me one to get this Friday, but decarb it, make it hash, mix with D8=Happy HolyDaze

  3. Micah Rosenberger (verified owner)

    Just did the math, that's .25 cents a gram.

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