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Limited Release - 1ml CBD Cannabis-derived M.A.C.

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Miracle Alien Cookies is a cannabis strain that’s better known as M.A.C., and gets its genetics from crossing Alien Cookies with a hybrid of Starfighter and Columbian.

The effects of MAC have been described as relaxing the muscles while stimulating the mind and enhancing cerebral activity. Some have enjoyed MAC for tackling their hobbies as creativity has been sparked while others have liked to use it to lounge in front of the TV or play video games. Whichever task you pursue on MAC, you may very well have a calm but fun time.

The scent of MAC is often musky and highlighted with sour citrus accents. Its taste has been described as being similar to biting a zesty orange, with sweet floral and earthen undertones.


91.6% CBD

0.0% D8


950mg High Purity Hemp Extract


50mg Cannabis-derived Terpenes







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Our 1ml Vapor Cartridges are infused with Cannabis-derived terpenes.

An infusion of High Purity Hemp Extract and Terpenes are combined and injected into iKrusher Calibr Pro 510 Vapor Cartridges.

Located in Beautiful Southern Oregon we offer High Quality Hemp Extract Cartridges at 50%-75% off Retail.









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1 review for Limited Release - 1ml CBD Cannabis-derived M.A.C.

  1. Felix (verified owner)

    I just want to say WOW. I am currently on a T-break and have been avoiding THC products entirely right now. I've tried CBD distillate pens before but when I saw this had cannabis derived terpenes (which I've never tried before) with N/D in any of the THC categories of the lab report, I was sold. I am so glad I purchased this product because after immediately hitting it (just one hit) I immediately tasted the cannabis terps and no lie, I even felt a slight sedation behind the eyes. Today was a very stressful day for me, but this completely melted all that away for me

    I would purchase this again without a blink of an eye.

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