Limited Release 1ML Δ8

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Seize the opportunity to try one of our hyped, limited-release flavors before they sell out! These are made with high quality terpenes in small batches, hand picked, and blended by our in house Terp-Master. Only available while supplies last.


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950mg High Purity Hemp Extract
50mg Botanically derived or Cannabis derived Terpenes
All limited carts use premium ceramic core iKrusher Tux 510 Thread Carts
85%+ Delta 8
All Cartridges have a scannable QR code that links to the contained extract and test results.
Cartridge Use: Our cartridges are compatible with 510 batteries. The Delta 8 we source is very stable due to the high quality and potency. In order to ensure smooth hits, uphold the life of the cartridge, and allow for easier pulls, always use the pre-heat setting a couple times to warm up the distillate before taking a hit. The coil must be fully saturated to prevent it from burning which can alter the taste of the oil or even ruin the coil. Keep cartridges out of direct sunlight as this may cause leaking and store cartridges up right when not in use.
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15 reviews for Limited Release 1ML Δ8

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    These are potent and a great value as well. Compared to the older cartridges, they are far smoother and higher quality and superior to more expensive brands as well …. 100% recommend to anyone looking for quality hemp products

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Doesn’t taste like bubblegum at all, but besides that, excellent cart!

  3. Nick Domanski (verified owner)

    CDT are a game changer for 10DC – You can’t beat these new cartridges, amazing quality at an accessible price!

  4. Ben

    Just wanted to review the Lemon Meringue flavor in the “Limited Holiday” carts. This is about the best flavor I’ve had from 10DC. Very lemony/diesel that has a little bit of a citrus zing on the exhale. Aside from my personal old fav King Louis the 16th this is right up there along with the newer Agent Orange. Bring on the more strain-specific terps. I’d like to see some really funky/nasty/choke you up kind of strains instead of stuff that’s more candy-ish.

  5. Dylan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the cart! I got the Bubblegum Mochi and it is incredibly potent! First time buyer and I am quite impressed. Looking forward to buying this more often!

  6. Lauren

    I originally ordered a Lemon Meringue cartridge, but it was sold out so I got a Sluricane one instead as well as a sample. I’m very happy with this flavor, it has a nice slightly sour and very dank taste. Keep up the good work 10DC, they keep improving their flavor and hardware at no extra charge to the customer. Much love from NC.

  7. Julian

    10DC is the best in the game for carts right now ! 🔥

  8. Nathaniel Ferguson

    I’ve tried a few different brands of delta 8 carts. 10DC is my new favorite. I ordered a .5 of Jack herer and Skittles carts and I was blown away by the taste and quality. Factor in price and how fast they shipped my order, I’m floored. Totally made my holidays. Thank you 10DC!

  9. Ben D (verified owner)

    Happy New Year to me, OMG. I just tried the Chemdawg flavor with the actual CDT. Yes, this is awesomeness : ) tastes just like the real strain. Diesel, pine, a little citrus, then there is just this lingering taste of lemon and just funk. Please make this a regular flavor/strain that you guys never stop making. Keep up the good deals in 2021 and I’ll keep buying. I still haven’t even opened the Tropsanto to try yet. That’ll be the next review.

  10. Ben D (verified owner)

    Tropsanto review: This is about as great as the ChemDawg flavor. Even though it’s a blend of CDT it still has that funky orange, fuely, piney, I almost want to say peppery, lemon kind of taste when you exhale it. Very interesting terps in both the CDT carts I’ve had. Makes me want to try the Apple Rock Candy flavor to see what that’s about because I haven’t had an apple flavored cart yet. Keep making these CDT blends, taste even better then the normal carts.

  11. Garrett Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve only tried the Chemdawg (CDT) from the limited release batches. I have to say though, this is exactly what I’ve been searching for as I’ve tried almost every other flavor y’all offer. This blows all the regular carts y’all have available out of the water. The best of the cheaper flavor bunch is the Purple Punch in my experience, but I’d still rather pay the premium for the Chemdawg with the CDTs any day of the week because THAT’S how good the flavor is. 11/10, keep up the great work guys. Hoping to see y’all continue offering the Chemdawg (CDT) flavor and other CDT options in the future!

  12. Ben D. (verified owner)

    Apple Rock Candy review: I wanted to try this flavor mostly because I hadn’t tried an Apple flavored cart. You do get a burst of apple flavor and sweetness along with a nice skunky funky marijuana flavor. On the exhale you get more of a fruity/fuel taste. Overall it’s another solid flavor with CDT and after you try any of them it’s hard to go back to cart’s that just use the botanical terp’s. That’s just how much better tasting the CDT are ; )

  13. jason.hudlow (verified owner)

    The “Tropicana Cookies” is on point! Nice fresh orange/ mango flavor on the exhale. Smooth yet produces nice clouds. Will definitely buy again if possible!
    10DC, y’all rock!

  14. Flowey (verified owner)

    First time ever trying Delta-8 and I’ll say the quality is superb and will definitely produce the desired effects. I tried Tropicana Cookies and was very pleasantly surprised at the incredible flavor and the euphoric rush I recieved while puffing. At 3.4 volts it still hits like a dream and is as smooth as butter. Very heady, motivating, energizing, and calming. My body felt more active and my head felt like it was in the clouds. In my experience, Tropicana Cookies also helped with my anxiety and minor body aches & pain so it’s definitely worth checking out! Overall I’d certainly recommend these cartridges and have already purchased more. These cartridges are amazing!

  15. Mike

    Blue Dream made my migraines disappear like magic. I’m just giving it one star because it’s limited release. This strain needs to be regular.

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