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Limited Release Δ8 Flavors

(1 customer review)


950mg High Purity Hemp Extract
50mg Terpenes
Test results on this page reflect the oil quality but are not necessarily the batch you will receive.
All Cartridges have scannable QR code that links to the contained extract and test results.

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Our 1ml CCELL Vapor Cartridges are infused with True Terpenes.

An infusion of High Purity Hemp Extract and Terpenes are combined and injected into high quality CCELL Brand Vapor Cartridges.

Located in Beautiful Southern Oregon we offer High Quality Hemp Extract Cartridges at 50%-75% off Retail.

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1 review for Limited Release Δ8 Flavors

  1. Ben

    Got to try out the Sunny D just to try out a cart in a "limited edition" flavor. This has a very orange "juice" taste to it, even on the exhale you get that funky taste of concentrate orange juice aftertaste. This was the first cart I can say I've gotten from 10DC where it didn't seem exactly as filled as the other's I've gotten(it looked like it had a decent size "bubble" toward the mouthpiece of the cart. Most times I really don't see that till' I've taken a few hit's off the cart). But, this is one of the more interesting flavors I've had from 10DC so far. I really wish you guy's would bring back more actual "strain-specific" flavors though ; )

    • Jeremy Schlottig

      Thanks for the feedback we are looking to add back some of our original flavors!

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