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GM Jealousy High THCa Hemp

11 Reviews

Strain: Hybrid
Fragrance: Sweet, Pepper, Earth
Effects: Giggly, Talkative, Relaxed

GM Jealousy offers a complex and intriguing flavor profile. With its first inhale, you’ll be greeted by a burst of fruity sweetness, reminiscent of ripe berries and citrus fruits. The flavor unfolds with hints of herbal undertones, adding a refreshing and natural element to the profile. As you savor the experience, subtle notes of earthiness and a touch of spice emerge, providing depth and complexity to the flavor. The overall flavor profile of Jealousy is a harmonious blend of sweet, herbal, and spicy nuances, creating a truly captivating and enjoyable cannabis experience. Get ready to explore the intriguing and multi-layered flavors of Jealousy with every inhalation.

Total THCa: 16.28%
Total Delta 9 THC: 0.229%
Total Cannabinoids: 17.1%



Experience the Power of High THCa with 10DC’s Premium GM Jealousy!

10DC crafted GM Jealousy THCa Hemp Flower, a premium-grade product with utmost care and precision, sourcing the finest quality hemp plants from trusted farms. This hemp flower contains high levels of THCa, a non-intoxicating compound known for potential therapeutic benefits, making it a potent and effective alternative to traditional THC products. Any hemp enthusiast must-try this unique aroma, flavor, and effects of 10DC’s High THCa Hemp Flower.

Here’s why you should try GM Jealousy High THCA Hemp Flower Today!

  • Premium Quality: 10DC is dedicated to delivering high-quality and potent THCa products that meet our customers’ needs, and we take pride in our commitment to quality. We strive to exceed expectations with every product we offer.
  • Naturally Grown with Care: We grow our THCa flower with utmost care, ensuring it is free from pesticides, heavy metals, and any harmful contaminants, to provide a pure and potent experience. You can trust that our commitment to quality guarantees our products are safe and natural.
  • Lab-Tested and Potent: We subject our THCa flower to rigorous lab testing to ensure potency and compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill regulations, guaranteeing a pure and potent THCa experience that is safe for consumption and free from contaminants.
  • A Brand You Can Trust: 10DC’s commitment to providing high-quality, lab-tested products and excellent customer service has built its reputation as a trusted brand in the industry.

Experience the premium-grade GM Jealousy High THCa Hemp Flower by 10DC today! Order now and enjoy a potent and effective alternative to traditional THC products with its unique aroma, flavor, and effects.

About THCa

Raw cannabis plants naturally produce THCa which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is the acidic precursor to THC. THC, the well-known psychoactive compound that causes the “high” associated with cannabis use, is produced by the cannabis plant through the decarboxylation of THCa, which is found in the highest concentrations in the trichomes, or resin glands, of the plant and serves as a defense mechanism against herbivores and environmental stressors. By heating cannabis, THCa is converted into THC, allowing its psychoactive effects to be experienced. All THCa products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. 

*This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a doctor before taking this product. For use by adults 21 and older. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if pregnant. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive a motor vehicle while under the influence. Consuming this product may result in a failed drug test.

Additional Information

Suggested Use

  • Grind up a bud or two and add directly to pipe, bowl, or bong.
  • Roll ground GM Jealousy THCa Flower into a joint or blunt.
  • The effects of THCa flower is user-specific. Use a small amount of flower if unfamiliar with the effects of this product.

Additional information


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

11 reviews for GM Jealousy High THCa Hemp

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was a great deal, I hope it comes back in stock.

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Verified Buyer

This was a great deal, I hope it comes back in stock.

Verified Buyer

Smells great when grinded. Small to medium nugs. We have dry vaped and smoked it. Flavor is amazing when dry vaping and solid when smoking too. Gives a full body effects, would totally purchase again.

Verified Buyer

Jonathan M.
Verified Buyer

Love this strain, very uplifting and energetic. Nice and potent, too. Amazing flower.

Nathan R.
Verified Buyer

Running this through the vaporizer is amazing! Terpes tastes great, buzz is smooth.

Verified Buyer

It’s good for the price.

Verified Buyer

GM Jealousy is the 1st order I've been somewhat dissatisfied with. No one would be Jealous of what I recieved. I ordered a half and recieved 13grams. I had 2 buds that were about 1 gram each and green like the picture and the other 11 grams are all small/micro buds that are mostly dark purple and don't seem to be the same strain at all. Everything else I've ordered has been better quality and size than expected. If it had been marketed as smalls I would have ordered a different strain. Not normally one to complain, just wanting to let others know not to expect whats in the picture. Was also offered a discounted quarter of Jager when checking out and it also came in as a bunch of mini buds but it atleast weighs right.

Verified Buyer

For the money it is good but not great. When Purple Hindu Kush was this price it was a much better deal. This was well over 50% smalls, shake and a few bare stems. I bought 2 oz., so I know it wasn't a rare oops, because both were very similar. Quality wise, looks nice trichomes, manicure & cure is on point. Smells strong and tastes good too. If it was advertised as mostly smalls than it'd be 5 stars but when you aren't expecting 1 oz of smalls, shake & stems out of 2 oz it's kinda disappointing. 4 stars still good smoke that does the trick

Verified Buyer

Jealousy is the best. Wish I got more

Verified Buyer

Great smoke. 4/5. I rate 5 because this is a great company in my eyes, and the price makes it 5/5 easily. Gassy, Garlicy and super dank. My only complaint was the structure of the buds. Not great for rolling, as its a bit "dry". Overall the oz was a bit shakey (as expected for the price) but almost no actual shake. Mainly small buds and a few huges ones. Very good night time smoke, Great if you love garlic.

Verified Buyer

Very Delicious, Nice and Relaxed, Smooth hitting. Very Euphoric terp profile and something I would definitely buy again. Thank You 10DC for bringing us this banger

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