Delta 8 Honey Bucket (Unflavored) – 28ml

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Delta 8 Honey Buckets are hemp-derived and made with high quality distillate sourced locally from Southern Oregon. This 28mL jar contains raw distillate with no PG/VG, additives or terpenes. Experience the benefits of delta 8!




Delta 8 Honey Bucket (Unflavored)

Suggested Use and Ingredients:

  • Use raw ∆8 distillate to make edibles, top flower or coat a blunt/joint, or add it directly into a banger.
  • Our Delta 8 comes accurately measured in a 28mL(roughly 28g) jar.
  • All 28ml Delta 8 Honey Buckets are sold with an empty 10mL Syringe and 14g Blunt tip.


  • Delta-8 is very stable in comparison to Delta 9 distillate. You can run your Delta-8 Honey Bucket under warm water to assist in making the oil less viscous or use a heating tool on the outside of the jar.
  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Additional Information:

  • Delta-8 can be harsher on the throat in comparison to Delta 9 THC. For smoothest results when inhaling, ensure the oil is warmed up, pull slow and avoid high temperature.
  • Delta-8 distillate can oxidize and change to a pink or amber color. This process is sped up by exposure to light, heat, and oxygen and is completely normal. It does comprise the quality of the distillate.
  • This product contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • any isomer of THC, including Delta 8 and CBD, can result in a failed drug test.
  • Batches with CBC can undergo micro-crystallization. Warming the oil will also easily reverse this affect.
  • Click to get to the ‘Test Results’ page and match your batch name to our COA’s.

Notice on Shipping:

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  • We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to circumstances out of our control. Average shipping time for First Class is 4-7 business days and Priority is 2-5 business days. Processing can take up to 48 hours, however, our team is very proactive at sending orders out sooner Monday-Friday. All orders placed after 3PM Friday are shipped out the following Monday.
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8 reviews for Delta 8 Honey Bucket (Unflavored) – 28ml

  1. Joshua A Butcher

    I ordered a flavored sour pebbles honey bucket and a 10ml dripper and it was wonderful very good effect

  2. erichofstetter

    Finding the honey bucket from 10DollarCartride was like finding a gem on a beach of the inter-webs. I can honestly promote this product with the same energy and productivity that this distillate allows. Probably one of the most versatile forms of concentrate. I’ve been making my own tasty vape carts, dabbing, cooking, to planing on making tincture spray. These honey buckets will go a long way plus this price is right.

  3. xzoning (verified owner)

    This product is surprising it far exceeded my expectations and not to mention it has an incredible price. Absolutely love it!

  4. Mike

    Loving the distillate and the company has amazing service. The effects are not overpowering and enjoy some the the same benefits of D9 without the couch lock.

  5. Terry

    So far so good melted onto a bowl of cbd bud. Very relaxing and the back pain became unnoticeable. I originally wanted to fill some carts up with this stuff but on second thought, I’ll be ordering a honey straw and torch instead. This stuff is insanely sticky!

  6. Dima

    Very potent distillate. Works great with glass banger, very strong. Or even better when mixed with herbs for a more full experience (better than D9 for moonrocks). D8 has a similar but still distinct feel. It seems to be less of a bang and more of progression. It’s very similar but different enough to be noticeable. D9 distillate tends to make me sleepy but D8 is very lucid and in fact maybe is a little stimulating. Seems to have some antidepressant activity too. It’s more medicinal than D9 but still very active. This honey bucket is almost clear and potency is very high. Also VERY sticky

  7. TB

    Made around 25 carts using this distillate so far and the consistency and quality are dead on.
    Packaged well and customer service was top notch.
    My favorite small purchase vendor, and use one of their suppliers for my bulk orders i liked it so much.

  8. poo bear

    makes for a good friday night. my friends now call me the poo bear

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