Delta 8 Flavored Honey Bucket – 28ml

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Delta 8 Flavored Honey Buckets are made with high quality distillate sourced from Southern Oregon and infused with botanically derived terpenes. This 28mL jar contains raw distillate with no PG/VG or additives. Experience the benefits of delta 8 straight to your door.


Delta 8 Flavored Honey Bucket

Suggested Use and Ingredients:

  • Use raw ∆8 distillate to make edibles, top flower or coat a blunt/joint, add it directly into a banger
  • Our Delta 8 comes accurately measured in a 28mL(roughly 28g) jar flavored with 4-7% botanically derived terpenes depending on the flavor.
  • All 28ml Flavored Delta 8 Honey Buckets are sold with an empty 10mL Syringe and 14g Blunt tip.


  • Delta 8 is very stable in comparison to Delta 9 distillate. You can run your Delta 8 Honey Bucket under warm water to assist in making the oil less viscous or use a heating tool on the outside of the jar.
  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Additional Information:

  • Delta 8 can be harsher on the throat in comparison to Delta 9 THC. For smoothest results when inhaling, ensure the oil is warmed up, pull slow and avoid high temperature.
  • Delta 8 distillate can oxidize and change to a pink or amber color. This process is sped up by exposure to light, heat, and oxygen and is completely normal. It does comprise the quality of the distillate.
  • This product contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • any isomer of THC, including Delta 8 and CBD, can result in a failed drug test.
  • Batches with CBC can undergo micro-crystallization. Warming the oil will also easily reverse this affect.
  • Click here to find your batch name in the Test Results.

Notice on Shipping:

  • 10DC does not ship to the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont.
  • We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to circumstances out of our control including weather and distribution slowdowns. Average shipping time for First Class is 4-7 business days and Priority is 2-5 business days. These average times do not ensure a delivery within these timeframes.  Orders are processed as they are received.  Processing an order can take up to 48 hours,  All orders placed after 2PM (PST) will be processed the next day, except on Fridays, these orders will be processed and shipped out the following Monday.
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25 reviews for Delta 8 Flavored Honey Bucket – 28ml

  1. Bryan (verified owner)

    Great stuff I use a honey staw

  2. TODD (verified owner)

    Got the bubblegum mochi , and it’s amazing stuff, no worries on the quality…taste is amazing, effects are as expected , and seems smoother than most other I have tried, this is a no brainer, affordable, great fast shipping, and high quality.

  3. Seth Lawson (verified owner)

    Amazing product, I love getting these buckets and trying the different flavors. Best flavor so far is easily the purple urkle with CBT. Great customer service as well, I put in the wrong address for my order this last time and their support got back to me right away, fixed the address and it was shipped that same day!

  4. G. Johnson (verified owner)

    Shame y’all seem to have stopped dropping CDT blend buckets.

    I finally tried out the Sundae Driver CDT blend from a few months back now. It’s very tasty, a bit too musky for my liking (similar to the Blue Cheese CDT blend) but better than the Headband BDT tasted. Much closer to the ‘real deal’. Lingers on the tongue for a bit after too, not bad. Slightly sweeter than the Blue Cheese was, which I think was a decent bonus.

    • Taurie Michele

      Keep checking back we try to keep at least one flavor/CDT in stock. We currently have two CDT flavors in Mini Honey Buckets!

  5. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Had the sour pebbles BDT and it tasted fruity and gassy and amazing. Recently got the Deathstar CDT blend and am blown away by the gassy, orangey taste and much more potent effects compared to the BDT. Please restock as much CDT as possible it’s amazing!!

  6. Kloe (verified owner)

    Just the best value
    All flavors are good especially the cdt blends

  7. G. Johnson (verified owner)

    You simply cannot beat these prices.

    I’ve bought the Headband, Death Star, and now Frankenstein (mini bucket) flavors. I’m most of the way through the Headband bucket now and it’s definitely the most ‘realistic’ taste among the botanically derived terpenes offered here. I have high hopes for the Death Star but have yet to taste it, same with the Frankenstein.

    I always enjoy the CDT flavors though, even the Blue Cheese was decent when I tried a cart. Worst CDT flavor I’ve tried by far hahah, but better than any BDT flavors nonetheless.

    Keep bringing CDTs to the table and steer away from that fruity sh**, and you’ll have a customer for life right here!

  8. PC333 (verified owner)

    Out of the cdt honey buckets I’ve had blue cheese and death star. Both very good. Blue cheese has a blueberry funk taste to it, as expected. In a very good way, it’s a flavor that will grow on you. Death star is great, has a sour tangerine smell and flavor with some jet fuel/diesel notes.

  9. Benjamin D. (verified owner)

    Just wanted to give a short review of Space Monkey because I’ve seen my 10DC Fam sell-out of a few batch’s of it and nobody has left a review on it. One of my friends was able to snag a bucket and to my surprise on first smell it did have a berry aroma I didn’t expect but, when you take a dab that’s all blown away. It’s just pure GG#4 at it’s gluey terpy awesomeness, you get some subtle berry undertones(super subtle, aside from first smell). I can see why this stuff sold out so fast, it’s easily the best GG#4 flavor I’ve tasted and I hope that my 10DC Fam will keep on making funky skunky CDT flavors coming ; )

  10. D8Knights CBD®

    Blue Cheese CDT is absolutely phenomenal. I however am anxious to see how the non-CDT bucket of headband does, I am sure the 2 CDT rainbow road carts will be NICE 🔥 I own D8Knights® and I know how hard it is to get strains right without CDTs so I am looking forward to it! Was REALLY looking forward to spacedawg…..(sold out as I had an open cart yesterday middle of night! 🙋🙏😍👌👍

  11. Benjamin D. (verified owner)

    I’ve had some time trying out the Alien Dawg flavor and it’s an amazing flavor : ) All the diesel flavor I loved about 10DC’s ChemDawg flavor plus, a orange/lemon citrus taste that smooth’s out the intensity of the flavor. Really, love this one 10DC Fam ; ) It kind of reminds me of the Sour Diesel(CDT) mini bucket that was in the 710 box this year but, it’s a little easier on the lungs(you think your gonna cough but, then you don’t). On a quartz banger the buzz kicks in a lot quicker then if you’ve loaded AD into cart’s(but, in cart’s the taste is tamer still and is really nice). But, if your like me and you long far a nice “diesel” flavor that’s reminiscent of real MJ(because of the CDT) then this is a flavor for you. The only thing that’d make this flavor slightly better would be if it had a pine taste thrown in there but, it’s my FAV honey bucket I’ve bought out of 7(yes, me and my friends like this stuff lol).

  12. Tyler Richardson (verified owner)

    Ordered 28ml of pineapple express. It arrived in 5 days and was 87.5% so not bad for the price. The taste is good and the hits from a dab rig are smooth and flavorful. Highly recommend for anyone, if your buying carts like I was then invest in the honey bucket it’s more then worth it.

  13. Benjamin D. (verified owner)

    Just got the Lemon Dream Cake CDT bucket in this morning. I’ve only gotten to try it out on my quartz banger and it’s super lemon-y but, has a hint of creaminess and then you get some nice earthy gassy-ness. Dig that this batch is more potent at 87.50% D8 THC ; ) When I first opened the jar I was “Man, that is just some lemon-y, pungent-ness”(from it being CDT). I’m sure it’ll be slightly tamer and more spicy lemon in a cart but, it’s a nice well rounded flavor, that I see your sold out of now………..that was fast lol. If I can get another bucket I can’t wait to try out your Chemdawg infused Alien Dawg strain. I was a HUGE fan of the CD in cart’s back when you still sold it.

    • 10DC

      We just added more Lemon Dream Cake back in stock, thanks for the love!

  14. Benjamin D. (verified owner)

    Blue Cheese CDT blend review: So, I HAD to try another honey bucket because I enjoyed the MAC Truck SO much ; ) The BC doesn’t disappoint, for those looking for a different/unique taste profile, that’s yummy(well, to a head anyway lol). I’ve never really been a fan of real ‘cheese” strains but, this stuff is just addictive because the taste is SO distinct. It totally does taste like a nice stinky/pungent piece of cheese, almost so much that you’d think you were chewing on a piece. It has a slight gassyness to it but this flavor is more about the cheese flavor. You can get a slight(and I do mean slight) taste of berry(not exactly blueberry, but berry). Very impressed with this CDT blend, hopefully I’ll get to try some other CDT flavors as they come out. : )

  15. Benjamin D. (verified owner)

    Still just getting started with the bucket of MAC Truck with CDT. First tried it out on a nail and rig, DAMN. It hit’s really gassy and you kind-of get a hint of fruit taste(just barely). So, I just loaded up a few carts of it yesterday. It’s a total night/day difference on the taste, you could get a nice apple/banana flavor along with a gassy presence that has some funkyness of the real deal. It’s a nice change though ; ) Can’t wait to try out some more CDT strain’s/flavor’s. Good work 10DC Fam : )

  16. Sam Cooper (verified owner)

    The Forbidden Fruit Honey Bucket I ended up with is 🤯. Tastes EXACTLY like Fruit Stripes gum and dabs PERFECTLY! Customer service from Reighanna was also top notch! Currently eyeing the Blue Cheese Honey bucket with CDT terps! Thank you!
    Big Ersk

  17. Edward (verified owner)

    I ordered the magic melon and it is amazing! Might get another one soon.

  18. Blake G (verified owner)

    Absolutely best deal I’ve found. Excellent quality and service everytime!

  19. Ben D. (verified owner)

    So, I’ve bought 3 honey buckets. One of each, Headband, GG#4 and Yoda OG. All have been good flavors that I won’t be getting tired of before I’m out of them. I think as long as you have a good idea of what you like flavor-wise that help’s when finding what you will enjoy. Now, using these to fill carts has a bit of a learning curve but, it get’s easier to do each time you do it. I’ve found putting the jars into a hot water bath(or water in a Pyrex measuring cup) heated up twice(microwave for 2 1/2 mins)and just let the jar soak for about 5 min’s each time. Then it’s warm and runny enough to work with. Just be careful because once it’s in a syringe it will flow out even without any pressure on the plunger. It’s a LOT easier to just dab in my opinion and I would be but, cart’s are just cheaper to use/re-fill. These are a great deal for the price though. I just wish there were CDT flavors but, maybe one day I can get Chemdawg in a honey bucket??? I’ve been saving the final 3 carts of the last one’s my 10DC Fam made before the Pact Act was starting to kick in.

  20. jpatrick15 (verified owner)

    They’ve got a rare gem with Magic Melon. Even if you’ve shopped around for terpenes you dont come across this very often. it truly tastes like melon and does not offend. its a sativa dominant hybrid thats more uplifting than downing.
    Im sensitve to caryophyllene and its peppery notes, and this strain doesnt have it at all! I’ve spent alooooooooot of money on d8 carts, some tasted so much like pepper it made me gag on the exhale, others had an annoying note of it in the background that i just couldnt bring myself to vape regularly. but not magic melon. it has an awesome body effect that wont turn around and make you sleepy or couch locked, but its sativa enough that you can use this in morning to get you going or relax after work with.
    if you are looking to avoid pepper or spicy notes, this is the one to get.

  21. Micah M (verified owner)

    Got 28ml of Blueberry AK, great stuff for filling cartridges, now I’m set for months.

  22. Timoney (verified owner)

    Great. I got OG Kush terps. Really wish I could get the Chemdawg OG terps, as I have had a cart of that and LOVED it. But the OG Kush is still great. Have used it in MCT tinctures and dabbing it straight. A+

  23. Kristopher Henderson (verified owner)

    Hi I purchased the 88% delta8 thc 28 gram honeybucket, headband flavored..I’m very much satisfied with the appearance, discreet and safe packaged in bubble wrap! It tastes just like the d9thc flower I used to buy. And the effects were pretty great too..even got that infamous feeling of wearing a headband! What more can I ask for..Headband leaves pretty tall shoes to fill when it comes to effects..and this d8 distillate does the trick..super happy with it! Last but not least, the cost of the delta8 distillates is the best for the quality given! I only smoke 10dc’s d8. And I’m passing my dr’s full panelled ua’s clean, no d9 detected!! Hats off 10DC, you guys are the best!!!!

  24. That guy (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  25. kaidenharrawood73 (verified owner)

    Great quality, went with the blueberry AK. Will definitely try the others👍

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