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Clearance - 1ml Δ8 Glass Ceramic Core Cartridge

(15 customer reviews)


We've recently updated our flavor list and hardware so we will be offering the remaining stock of our old flavor/harware to you at a discount.

-Returns not accepted for clearance items


950mg High Purity Hemp Extract
50mg Terpenes
All Cartridges after 6/24/20 will have QR tracking on the back for easy batch tracking. <3



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Our 1ml Vapor Cartridges are infused with Floraplex Terpenes.

An infusion of High Purity Hemp Extract and Terpenes are combined and injected into high quality Ceramic Core 510 Vapor Cartridges.

Located in Beautiful Southern Oregon we offer High Quality Hemp Extract Cartridges at 50%-75% off Retail.







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15 reviews for Clearance - 1ml Δ8 Glass Ceramic Core Cartridge

  1. Dakota Z

    good product felt effects after just 2 puffs will buy again!

  2. JH (verified owner)

    Lets just say don't underestimate the effects of D8. Lol, I am buying more this price cannot be beaten.

  3. Jake B

    Both carts ive gotten were phenomenal.

  4. Dillon

    Great product, great flavors, great effect. And can’t beat the price.

  5. John (verified owner)

    This is the best hemp product i have tried so far! Very strong and it got here fast!

  6. Michael H

    For the price u cant beat it I will never buy 3chi again the delta8 is just as good if not better then the expensive carts from other places thank u 10DC VERY MUCH THANK U

  7. iz

    amazing. Really like the cookies 🍪

  8. Dylan

    By far the best d8 carts I've had, tho not the strongest everything else like the price,purity,flavor, etc of these carts made it worth it. Only downside SOME ARE NOT FILLED ALL THE WAY, order purple punch and zkittles, and the zkittles way deadass 1/4 of the way down,but other than that these are amazing

  9. Sammy

    Your prices are amazing, I don’t even need try them! What a deal!

  10. Blue

    I was hesitant at first but after a bit of research I decided to give these a shot and have been very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Taste was subtle but pleasant, effects came on strong and the price is the best deal on the market, it's in the name! No issues with the carts I received, shipping was quick. Thanks 10DC!

  11. Terry

    This was my first order with you guys I tried three different cartridges and it was all three absolutely amazing great taste great results but the tip fell off of one of them and I have emailed you guys hopefully I hear back from you soon.

  12. Brian Baer

    These are GREAT!
    18$ for a 1mL cartridge of d8thc, you simply CANNOT BEAT THAT!

    I have purchased dozens of these from this company, and am/was very happy with each and every single one.
    I tried the Zkittles, the purple punch - both are very delicious and def. get the job done!
    For me, I only need 2-3 puffs and I am set.
    Keep in mind, I was a regular cannabis user for 15 years, and this d8 stuff hit's just the same in my opinion, rather smoother and less "couch-prone"? I think that's a good analogy, haha

    D8thc has been a life-saver for me, in many ways, some of the flower/extracts coming out now that are d9 are just too strong for me, whereas with this d8 here, I am able to still get that very strong effect from - but I can also gauge it so that I can manage HOW much of the effect I actually get from vaping it - like, I can work my way up to where I need to be, and it doesn't take much. It's just nice to have this, extremely useful - especially when I am just trying to relax, I don't have to worry about over-doing it as I normally would with d9 off just 1 hit haha

    if you are on the fence, or cautious of these products because of the price compared to their competitors - take it from me, this d8 is JUST AS GOOD - if not BETTER than the others, the cannot beat it...and i have tried a few other main-stream d8 distributors, their oil is no different at its base (imho) - they both do the same thing, you just get more for your dollar with

    Hope this helps!

    God bless!
    - B

  13. Dylan

    Best for the price, first ordered 2 a couple months ago zkittles and purple punch and it was better than other brands I've tried. For the price this is the best your gonna get, it isn't the most potent but these don't cost 35 or 40+ for each cart. All flavors on point, great effects, definitely gonna keep ordering from yall🔥

  14. Ben (verified owner)

    Really sad to see you guys at 10DC are going out of business. I accidently found out about these Delta 8 carts and let me tell you, it's a great feeling of having that "headspace" of an "illegal" stone, all while being legal(for now at least?).
    I've tried a few of the flavors of carts now and 2 of the best one's I had were King Louis The 16th and Jack Herer. The more fruit or candy type flavors can be more hit or miss as far as good taste. I had a Gelato from another company and that tastes like strawberry/citrus/gas : )
    But anyway, I enjoyed 10DC while it lasted. Just got my last order in yesterday, I'm not looking forward to spending more $ on carts then I did here, because I felt 10DC had the best quality/price ratio.

    • Jeremy Schlottig

      We'll be back in a week or so. Not going out of business just needed to do some housekeeping!

  15. KB Rider (verified owner)

    So far I've tried, Blue Afgoo, Hawaiian haze, and Zkittles. Zkittles has the instant relax while the others are more of a creeper. All have been extremely wonderful and greatly appreciated. I have an autoimmune disease and this really keeps me going. Thank you 10DC.

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