1ML Δ8 syringe + Terpenes

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1mL Hemp Derived Delta8 Syringe + Terp (Tasty Flavors)

Our wholesaler sourced Delta-8 come in a 1ml Luer Lock style syringe with added botanically-derived terpenes. We include a blunt tip needle in every order to help you dose your oil.

Our hemp derived D8 is very stable, it flows easily when warmed (by running under hot water or using a hairdryer) and allows for easy application on vaporizer nail or for mixing with other extracts.

Tip: Dipping a hemp blunt or joint in this tasty terp delight will make for a unique and POTENT full-spectrum experience.






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  1. Tristan Musser (verified owner)

    Best company in the game, best prices, saving our bank account most importantly! <3

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