1ML Δ8 Terpology Entourage Carts

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“I designed these all-natural profiles to unlock functional and therapeutic benefits with terpenes.”
– Dr. Ethan Russo, board-certified neurologist and cannabis pioneer.

Energy: Δ8 and CBG Blend – A foundation of Alpha & Beta Pinene crossed with Limonene gives this blend a punch of productivity.
Focus: Δ8 and CBD Blend – Driven by Alpha Pinene & Linalool, experience the harmonious balance that helps facilitate concentration.
Calm: Δ8 and CBN Blend – Linalool & Limonene forward, this citrus and floral effects-blend enhances your ability to unwind & relax.


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950mg High Purity Hemp Extracts
50mg True Terpenes
Packaged in iKrusher Tux 1ml Cartridges

Cartridge Use: Our cartridges are compatible with 510 batteries. The Delta 8 we source is very stable due to the high quality and potency. In order to ensure smooth hits, uphold the life of the cartridge, and allow for easier pulls, always use the pre-heat setting a couple times to warm up the distillate before taking a hit. The coil must be fully saturated to prevent it from burning which can alter the taste of the oil or even ruin the coil. Keep cartridges out of direct sunlight as this may cause leaking and store cartridges up right when not in use.


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Energy, Focus, Calm

4 reviews for 1ML Δ8 Terpology Entourage Carts

  1. Customer Delta8gawd

    I got the “terpology calm” in my monthly box I must say it is really good and therapeutic. The cartridge makes the pain go away and I feel the effects more than I do with the regular D8 carts. Rating 10/10 good job guys

  2. Nick Domanski (verified owner)

    Calm is like a spa day in a cartridge – great terpene profile and even better effects! Love the iKrushers too

  3. Secret Agent X (verified owner)

    Got the energy one, works perfect. Taste good too.

  4. Xnxizgod3 (verified owner)

    I got the d8+cbn and wow. Strongest cart ive tried yet the taste is not bad at all tho its not amazing or anything and they seem to last longer than other brands tho i’m speaking for the terpology carts only keep in mine as ive yet to try they normal carts but i’m very impressed i’m ordering th d8+cbg one now

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