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1ML Δ8 Cartridges

(7 customer reviews)


950mg High Purity Hemp Extract
50mg Terpenes
Test results on this page reflect the oil quality but are not necessarily the batch you will receive.
All Cartridges have scannable QR code that links to the contained extract and test results. <3





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Our 1ml Vapor Cartridges are infused with True Terpenes.

An infusion of High Purity Hemp Extract and Terpenes are combined and injected into high quality AVD, CCELL and iKrusher Brand Vapor Cartridges.

Located in Beautiful Southern Oregon we offer High Quality Hemp Extract Cartridges at 50%-75% off Retail.











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7 reviews for 1ML Δ8 Cartridges

  1. Jacob brown (verified owner)

    Got the purple punch and the blue zkittles. These new carts are better quality and far more smooth. Thanks 10DC for continuing to deliver great medicine!

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    10DC has about the best price/quality ratio that I've found on the Delta 8 market. The newer carts are better quality, I like the open-ended mouthpieces(doesn't clog like the older one's).
    I picked up the Gelato #33 and Ice Cream Cookies # 8 out of the 6 "new" strains. The Gelato is pretty good, has a fruity, citrus, fuel thing going on. Ice Cream Cookies.......I like it but it's just not an overwhelming flavor. It has a sweet, vanilla taste and you kind of get a hint of something citrusy on the end.
    All in all though, I still like both. I just like the Gelato more lol. I'll be trying more as you guys get different flavors back in stock again. I just lucked out this time getting these 2 flavors, the very next day both were out of stock ; )

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    Tried out the Purple Punch and Wedding Cake flavors. The WC has the best "sweet" cream/cake I've come across. Not too sweet and it has a bit of a citrus zing on the exhale. The Purple Punch has more of an "mixed berry" sort of taste with a layered vanilla taste, that I wasn't really expecting. But, if you just smell the cart it has a "grape" scent too it? It's different then the past PP flavor that 10 DC has sold in the past. Not saying it's not as good as the previous one, it's just different and has a 'complex" mix of flavors going on. All in all, I liked both of these carts. I just wish 10DC would get some more "strain-specific" flavors(Sour D, Gorilla Glue, OR I REALLY MISS THE King Louis the 16th that you guys used to sell, that was my FAV cart).

  4. Dave A

    These are some great products at very affordable prices. I wish they carried delta8 edibles for my wife. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

  5. Julian (verified owner)

    Better quality in the oil and cart I am very impressed. I will be buying again

  6. Michael

    I buy all these flavors quite often, I love them, but I might say that the flavor could be a lot better on all of them. Besides that they are great quality (:

  7. Ben (verified owner)

    Got the Agent Orange and Hawaiian Haze 1 gram carts before they were sold out. It is coming up on Thanksgiving, after all. But, I really liked the AO that's the best of the newer flavors I've tried. The HH isn't far behind that as far as flavor goes.
    I also, have to saw that getting this newer Delta 8 oil that's 88.25% THC is great : ) I could def tell it was thicker oil and almost had a clear look to it.
    I wouldn't mind trying some more new flavors when they come out. But, these 2 are about my fav flavors so far.
    I still haven't tried the Blue Zkittles but, I'm waiting on some more Diesel-type flavors to come around(I that Cranberry Kush or Lemon Meringue Pie, might have that terp).
    I'd love to see 95% Delta 8 oil but, your quality has been getting better. You guys just need to focus on some more killer flavors ; )

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