10mL Disty Dripper (Unflavored)

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10mL Hemp-Derived Delta8 Syringe (Unflavored)

Our wholesaler sourced Delta-8 comes in a 10ml Luer lock style syringe. We include a blunt tip needle in every order to help you dose your oil.

Hemp-Derived D8 is very stable, you can run your syringe under warm water to assist in making the oil less viscus.

Batches with CBC can undergo micro-crystallization. Warming the oil will also easily reverse this effect.




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16 reviews for 10mL Disty Dripper (Unflavored)

  1. Jamesjuno

    I’m very impressed with this product. Will be buying again.

  2. James wells

    Very good. I will buy again.

  3. Tristan Musser

    10 grams for $101 you cant beat anywhere else… quality is amazing. Please keep coming out with new products 10DC

  4. Nick

    Was using the pre fill carts for awhile and finally took a shot on this. 10/10 on the experience and product overall. Came with lab results and a blunt tip needle for ease of use. Recommend as well if you are wanting a bulk amount without breaking the bank.

  5. BigMike

    Went perfect, happy with product.

  6. Nick

    Aside from the value, this oil is potent and smooth – very pleasantly surprised to see mine came in at over 86% delta 8. The difference is noticeable

  7. Thomas A Betlow

    Second order of the syringe and the 80% D8 is insanely different from the past 60% I’ve gotten. For the price, this is unbeatable anywhere else, it’s 100% worth the investment and is the best price/quality on the market

  8. Brian Baer

    Okay, so I have been ordering the pre-filled carts from not only this website, but a couple others for about 3 months now – however, I find myself coming back here time and time again, you just can’t beat the price – and from my experience, this oil is just as good as the others (that may be subjective, others might disagree – but for what it’s worth, I have been smoking medicinally for over 15 years and this is just as good as any of the others I have tried in the d8 category)

    With that being said, i found this product – 10mL distillate for $101.00, after buying 7-8 of their prefilled carts, which each carry 1mL and cost around 18$ per cart, so when you look at that, the syringe you buy for 101.00$ that has 10mL of the same oil used in their prefilled carts, you are actually paying only $10.10/per. 1mL or per. cart’s worth; That’s an $8 saving per. 1mL of d8 oil!

    It’s a no-brainer, and the empty ccell carts (if you refill carts like me) are only $3-4/each (and they can be used multiple times, aka multiple refills).

    So yeah, I’ll be honest, when I first ordered this and it arrived, I had no experience with this type of thing – nor refilling carts by myself (I usually just buy them prefilled to avoid that hassle/but could not resist the savings!), so yeah, it was a pain in the ASS at first for me, as I was having issues with the blunt tip, and not being able to heat the syringe with a hair dryer (didn’t want to possibly have the plastic leech into the oil or something, if that is possible – which I am sure it is), so you have to use hot-water instead. it was a mess for me at first…


    The good news is, after my first attempt, which worked, but was very difficult for me (imho), the second round was like super-easy- it’s really not difficult, like at all.
    You just run your water in the sink on the hottest setting, then get your syringe here, make sure you have the blunt needle tip on it otherwise there is a chance your oil will leak out when your not watching it – so yeah, put that on, get a glass of some sort and put the syringe in the glass/cup – place that directly under the sink/hot-water, and let the sink stay on, pouring the hot water into the cup/glass with the syringe – and let it sit with the water running for about 3-5 minutes (that is all it takes) watch it the first time, so you know what’s going on – if you don’t, there is a chance the blunt-tip will come off and the oil MIIGHT start leaking out of the syringe into the glass you have it in (and you lose the oil unless you scrape it out and use it somehow, like a dab rig maybe?)

    After about 3-5 minutes, depending on how hot the water is you were using, it will be loose enough for the oil to freely flow through the syringe and out the blunt needle tip – make sure you have your empty ccell cart ready with the mouthpiece twisted off BEFORE you run over to it with the syringe – then stick the needle tip into the empty ccell cart, make sure you push the tip of the needle on the metal part in the tank so you can apply force to squeezing the oil out without having to worry about the tip blasting off and the oil shooting everywhere but into the glass cart Lol!

    from there, its super super simple. Once you fill the cart, you can screw the lid back on the ccell cart, tightly, and then what you want to do is take a hair-dryer to the ccell cart – since its made of glass, you can heat with hair dryer as much as you like, this loosens the oil additionally, and makes it fluid like – this will help the oil get into the wicking holes and soaked into the cotton of your cart, so you can make sure your not vaping dry cotton and there is actually d8 oil on it (i.e. wicking properly).

    i/ have noticed you will have to use the hair dryer thing occasionally with the carts even after you have the oil inside, only because depending on where you live and how the temp is in your place of residence, the oil will thicken up – and if you are hitting the cart more so than not, like your not the type to just hit it once or twice and put it away until later in the day, then you will want to hit it with the hair dryer at-least 1-2 times a day just to get the most out of the cart’s coil and your oil.
    Don’t get me wrong, it will wick regardless, its just i live inside an AC’d home, and work from home 24/7 – so this is a necessary step for me.

    All that aside, it’s really not difficult to do this, and this price-point is unbelievably good, you simply cannot beat it.
    And the oil, as i mentioned above, has been very consistent, the quality is grade-a/top-shelf, and it get’s me where i need to be when i need it the most.
    I am a very happy customer of this company and plan to use them for many years to come, I am really looking forward to seeing what else they put out as this has got to be my favorite medicine of them all!

    110% would recommend this to friends and family, and I do all of the time!
    If you are on the fence with this company, and this product – or any of their products, take it from me, they are just as great as any of the others out there – even BETTER due to the price-point / value-per-dollar !

    God bless, and hope this helps others reading and considering this product!
    Get it! you will NOT regret it!

  9. Terry freda (verified owner)

    A good cbd bowl topper. D8 is harsh so use sparingly.

  10. john (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the distillate i got cant wait to try the new stuff. Just make sure you heat it up carefully i use a tiny heater then put the blunt tip on and fill the cart and put the other tip back on <3

  11. Braxton Hutchins (verified owner)

    Rose-clear distillate was the right move. Not that I know all that much. But from everything I’ve read, rose-clear distillate is what you want when it comes to D8. The price couldn’t be more awesome @ 55$ I turned that whole lure in to just shy of 8oz of coconut oil. Love having an edible on hand. This stuff rocks

  12. Gary Girard (verified owner)

    The 10ml d8 syringe is a no brainer. It works just as good as the $50 1ml carts going around. The oil did blow out of the back of of my plunger though. I had a hard time with squeezing it out at first. I learned to take a cup of water and microwave it for 2.5 minutes, place syringe in a sandwich bag to keep it dry and submerge the syringe/bag in the hot water, wait 4 minutes and the oil will flow out. Move quickly as the tip hardens fast (that’s what she said).

  13. cmalloy36862 (verified owner)

    initially they forgot my distillate with my order and within an hr of emailing customer service they already had a new tracking # for me….good stuff and great service 🙂

  14. Keith

    Top-Shelf stuff, I’ve had d8 from multiple sources, and this stuff takes the cake – not only for the price, but the quality is just as good as the other – minus the flavorless part; But I am personally willing to look past that, as you can find ” terpenes ” elsewhere and add them to this oil to flavor it yourself.

    Would recommend!

  15. denoahwright (verified owner)

    Made some great edibles with these definitely different than the normal but love the product!!

  16. Brady (verified owner)

    This is the ONLY distillate I will buy. Consecutive batches just keep getting better and better.

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