10 Pack 1ml Delta 8 Cartridges

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A 10 pack of limited flavor delta 8 cartridges for a great price. No additives or cutting agents, just Δ8 distillate infused with terpenes. Check out the description to find out more about flavor and effects.

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  • 1ML Delta 8 cartridges are made using ceramic core iKrusher Hardware
  • High Quality Delta-8 distillate and 4-7% Cannabis derived and Botanically derived terpenes. No PV/VG or additives
  • 85%+ Potency of Delta 8
  • All Cartridges have a scannable QR code that links to the contained extract and test results


Attach to a charged 510 battery and press down the pre-heat setting for your given battery 2-3 times to warm up Delta 8 oil. Get the ceramic core fully saturated before beginning each vape session to prevent the coil from burning and possibly ruining the cartridge. When fully saturated, the cartridge should be ready to pull accordingly 2-4 times before pausing for coil to fully saturate again. The coil cannot be saturated without first being warmed up. Delta 8 at room temperature is highly viscous and will not move as quickly as Delta 9.


  • Store upright in cooler, dark places and keep out of direct sunlight or warm places like your car to prevent the cartridge from leaking.
  • Do not continue to hit your cartridge if the coil is not fully saturated or you may burn your coil which will cause the coil to stop working or unpleasantly change the taste of your distillate to a burnt profile.

*We are not liable for destruction of cartridges by user error but we will assist the best we can in fixing any issue.


  • Delta 8 can be harsher on the throat in comparison to Delta 9 THC. For smoothest results when inhaling, ensure the oil is warmed up, pull slow and avoid high temperature.
  • Delta 8 distillate can oxidize and change to a pink or amber color. This process is sped up by exposure to light, heat, and oxygen and is completely normal. It does comprise the quality of the distillate.
  • This product contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • any isomer of THC, including Delta 8 and CBD, can result in a failed drug test.
  • Batches with CBC can undergo micro-crystallization. Warming the oil will also easily reverse this affect.
  • Click here to match your batch name on the cartridges to our COA’s on the ‘Test Results’ page.


  • 10DC does not ship to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont
  • We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to circumstances out of our control. Average shipping time for First Class is 4-7 business days and Priority is 2-5 business days. Processing can take up to 48 hours, however, our team is very proactive at sending orders out sooner Monday-Friday. All orders placed after 3PM Friday are shipped out the following Monday.
  • Refunds and exchanges are still subject to a return of the original product.
  • If an official statement is passed prohibiting the shipment of cartridges, all orders containing cartridges that have arrived to the customer are final and can no longer be returned or replaced. 10DC will be proactive in informing our customers of any major changes via newsletter.

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6 reviews for 10 Pack 1ml Delta 8 Cartridges

  1. chimaira1069 (verified owner)

    Terple CDT is very good, sweet and dank. Can’t really pinpoint a fruit or vanilla, but I’ll just call it sweet. These 10 packs are great value for cdt carts. Don’t hesitate to try a 10 pack out, they’ll be gone if you do. You won’t be disappointed, great product.

  2. Nicholas Gahagen (verified owner)

    Gorilla snacks was amazing. Was kinda scared to drop nearly 200 on a new to me company but I was not disappointed. Brought me back literally in my mind to the place were I tried GG#4 for the first time and tastes exactly like it.

  3. Derek Rabalais (verified owner)

    Picked up the Baby Yoda 10pk and it was legit!! Thank 10DC for the D8

  4. Elijah (verified owner)

    Best value and great taste! Im on my second order and Froste is a bit strong but tasty once youre used to it.

  5. Adam (verified owner)

    I got the 10 pack of White Runtz, it was harsh, but was amazing other than that. Taste is faint but good and effects are GREAT.

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

    I purchased the Sour Sherbet strain and was extremely pleased with my product. Shipped them priority and received them within four days of ordering. Definitely ordering another ten pack or a honey pot once I run through my current order. Thanks

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