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Issue with order upon arrival:
Please include your order number, an explanation of the issue, and any photos that pertain to the issue including the packing slip. Any additional photos may be requested upon further investigation of the issue and our support team will do their best to create a solution.

Changes to order, shipping, or cancelations on recently placed orders:
Please contact us titling the email ‘change to order,’ ‘Change shipping address,’ or ‘cancel order’ to help prioritize our response to your email. Specify the order number and include any additional information needed to make the changes or cancelation.

Wholesale Inquires:
Contact the support email with the headline ‘Wholesale,’ your contact information, and the order sizes of interest and you’ll receive a phone call or response within 24 hours.

Large Headspace or bubble in cartridge:
Our Cartridges use a commercial Thompson Duke cartridge filler that pre-measures and individually fills each cartridge. The cartridge is then capped within 2 minutes of filling, and settles during the packing and shipping process, the bubble, or headspace gets larger as the atomizer on the bottom of the cartridge starts to absorb the oil through the the coil. Based on different factors the cartridges can end up with different headspace sizes that may appear to have more or less oil in a side by side comparison. This is not the case and we ensure the oil measurement by setting the Thompson Duke to .1ml above the advertised size of each cartridge. We are happy to offer additional references to headspace by request.

Can an order be returned or exchanged?:
Any order can be exchanged or returned within 15 days of delivery in their original condition. Any item returned in accordance with this policy may be subject to a 20% restocking fee at our discretion. We reserve the right to require a return of any products before issuing an exchange or refund. Refunds will be issued within 1-2 days after your return is received. Your bank may take 2-4 additional days to clear the funds.

What are the ingredients in the cartridge?:
Our cartridges either contain Delta 8, CBD, or another cannabinoid variance tested and specified with NO additional additives, vitamin e, or cutting agents. The only other ingredient is a mix of 3-5% of botanically derived TRUE terpenes.

Shipping options and processing time:
We use USPS to ship domestically across the United States, excluding states that do not recognize Delta 8 as a legal substance: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.
We offer First class shipping which can take anywhere from 3-7 business days and Priority shipping, 2-4 business days. Priority is required for any orders over 1-pound in weight.
We process all orders within 48 hours of accepted payment through our regular business hours Monday-Friday. All orders made after 2PM Friday will be processed first thing the following Monday. Some special circumstances may apply.

Delivery Instructions:
If there are any further instructions needed for delivery, those will be handled through USPS. Any delivery instructions left in our care unfortunately are not able to be relayed to USPS directly as they use a separate system to communicate with each other. Please click Here to set up any additional delivery instructions.

Cartridge tips for users:
Delta 8 is a thicker oil with no cutting agents to make it less viscous. This means D8 cartridges need to burn at a lower and more even temperature than E-Juices. This is to keep the oil from burning and increase the longevity of the cartridge.
Start your experience by taking advantage of the preheat setting that comes with most, if not all, 510 batteries; This warms up the oil and allows the oil to burn evenly. It’s also important to allow time between hits to keep the coil saturated with oil to preserve the flavor. When storing the cartridge, keep out of warmer areas that can heat up the oil and cause the cartridge to leak or run. This includes cars, direct sunlight, and tight pockets. You can trouble shoot any clogs or leaks by clearing the mouthpiece with something small like a toothpick and open the path to air flow. Once the user is in possession of a working product, we are not responsible for any clogs, leaks or breaks but we are happy to help troubleshoot more thoroughly.

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