We are the Costco of cartridges.

The idea for 10dollarcartridge.com was sprouted after a meeting with the owner of TKO Reserve. They make high quality hemp prerolls on their branded website. But also have a bulk line direct to consumers. https://3dollarpreroll.com.

We thought this to be a genius idea. Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley we have access to beautiful Hemp and Cannabis at extremely good prices.


We felt like it is important to share those prices with the consumers. Not just the brokers. We are the Costco of cartridges.

Whether you’re looking to start your own vape brand, or you want to be able to vape without vaporizing the cash in your wallet .

You’ll love our quality cartridges just as much if not more than the competition.


If you’re wondering why we sell for so much less, thanks for asking! The answer is simple, “Because we can”.

We’ve had our finger on the pulse of the hemp extract market since its humble beginnings. We know how to keep costs down, while maintaining precision and quality. We profit through customer loyalty, and volume, not astronomical markups.
Try the quality for yourself.


Love, Peace, and Prosperity to all

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